About My Sister’s Business is elevating the value of entrepreneurship by offering businesses services and support to under-resourced black women.

Black women business owners see an earned average revenue of $24,000, compared to a $142,900 revenue among all women-owned businesses. We’re working to close the revenue gap.

With the right resources, sustainable success is achievable for most businesses. Our team understands the struggles that black women business owners face without the resources and funding to attain their goals. And we’re here to help turn the tables for our FoundHers.

Resources for Black Women in Business

We strive to be a key resource to black women business owners. Our offerings are customized to fit each woman’s needs, but often include a combination of the following services.

Venture Capital Engagement

The team at About My Sister’s Business has connections to and partnerships with venture capital that can provide funding to small business owners. We work with FoundHers and funders to connect our entrepreneurs with the right resources and organizations.

Initial Business Planning & Resources

All too often, we see women with a marketable skill jump into business without a roadmap or business plan. We offer a variety of workshops, coaching opportunities, and step-by-step resources to get a 3-5 year business plan in place.

For business owners looking to grow and expand on their initial plan, we have additional resources, mentorship opportunities, and partnerships that can help put you and your business on the path to success.

Sustainable Growth Initiatives

Sustainable growth is our north star metric for the small business owners that we work with. We offer mentorship opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and improve its sustainability.

This often includes:

  • Helping minority suppliers find opportunities to work with large organizations
  • Building businesses up to compete for larger contracts and partnerships
  • Improving marketing and communications to build a brand and reach new customers

Partner With Us to Grow Your Business

Calling all sisters! If you’re a black woman business owner in need of resources and advice to grow your business, please reach out to us by phone or email to get the process started.

Spotlight Black Women in Business

We periodically host events to spotlight and spread awareness for the black women business owners that we have the privilege of getting to work with.

Get to know some of the sisters that we’ve spotlighted at past events:

  • Terrie Davoll Hudson – A life coach, author and public speaker who helps people with difficult personal and professional transitions
  • Carol Hampton – Owner of The Date, a a full service event planning and catering business
  • Susan Demus – Owner of Queen Bee’d Designs, which sells beaded jewelry
  • Concita Thomas – A food and fitness strategist helping other women reach their health and fitness goals
  • Dr. Janice Pettis-Ingram – Owner of Healthcare Rehab Group, which offers health services for physical, cognitive, and wellness needs
  • Joy Bell – Owner of Petty Candle Co, a small business that creates custom candle blends with a sprinkle of petty humor 
  • Allyson Rae Lawson – CEO of RaeLawson Enterprise LLC, franchisee/operator of a 7-Eleven convenient store and motivational speaker
  • Felicia R. Shaw – Owner of FRS Platinum Events, a full service wedding and event planning company
  • Kristen Wells Lewis – Founder and Lead Creative Chemist at Black to the Lab, an educational learning toy that helps expose young girls to STEM and cosmetology

“Congratulations, I hope you are still basking in the glow of your successful event! From the invitation, food box delivery, guest entrepreneurs to the way the two of you tag-teamed. It’s obvious that the two of you have the same vision. It’s also obvious that your styles are different yet so complementary.”

Terrie Hudson, FoundHer Showcase Event Attendee